BoSacks Speak Out: On Production Plumbers of the Media Industry

By Bob Sacks on August 03, 2016

Well, being a production guy, I have to say I enjoyed this rant by D. Eadward Tree. His missive is spot on. Production personnel are indeed the plumbers of the media industry, the invisible catalysts, as well as consummate corporate politicians of workflow. Production people are usually unsung, mostly unloved, often misunderstood and always the heroes when anything clogs up the media pipes. Sadly, after saving the moment and multiple problems simultaneously, they are once again unacknowledged and invisible. The truth is they make everything go right every day but are usually only observed when something broken needs fixing. Yes, all those observations could be seen as biased coming from someone who was a director of manufacturing. Yet my bias doesn't take away from the truth of the remarks.

By Bob Sacks| August 03, 2016
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