BoSacks Readers Speak Out: Time Inc, Newsstands, Gatekeepers, and Predictions

By BoSacks Readers on April 15, 2016

RE: The Fate of the Newsstand Isn't the Same as the Fate of Print

Bo, I think we often gloss over the fact that the publishing industry has created a rather wide value gap in what we charge for subs vs single copy. I would submit most of the large publishers offer subs almost at the same price of buying one issue from the newsstand, therefore, driving the business south. XXXXX Media does not do this, and as a result we have 60/40 subs/newsstand. Also, our business was up last year and we budgeted another growth in single copy this year. (Submitted by a Publisher)

RE: The Fate of the Newsstand Isn't the Same as the Fate of Print 

Bo, you have been saying this for years and rightly so. Newsstand isn't the be all and end all for the publishing industry and not all the news is actually bad anyway. My titles are doing very well despite the overall declines. I have a sweet spot and my audience is strong. Thanks for all you do for the industry. I enjoy my morning cup of coffee and Bo. Although we have never met I feel like I know you and that we are friends. (Submitted by a Publisher)  

RE: Who will be the gatekeeper?: Publishers confess their biggest challenges

"For publishers, times have never been more challenging." Hmmm, didn't I read that same lead in 2011, and 2008, and 2003, and 1997, and . . . .  It reminds me of the people who in 2001 said that 9/11 was the worst day in U.S. history, glibly overlooking Pearl Harbor, Antietam, and Ford's Theater. Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to overestimate the significance of what's happening today - and to miss what the past can teach us about handling today's challenges. (Submitted by an Industry Blogger)


Re: "It's Tough to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future" 

I love the quote, the title of the article and the article itself. Well done, Bo and Tony! (Submitted by a CFO)  

Re: "It's Tough to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future"

Thanks very much for sending Tony Silber's piece, "It's Tough to Make Predictions, Especially About the Future."  It ought to go without saying that we can learn from giants of the past... but a reminder from time to time is very helpful. For me the mention of Marsh Freeman's name brought up innumerable pleasant memories, not only of Marsh's keen grasp of the publishing business (which may have been genetic, since his grandfather, Miller Freeman, was a pioneer printer), but because Marsh is a rare gentleman. My strongest enduring memory of Marsh is his kindness to his acquaintances and his concern for his community. He ran a fine company, too, which developed a surprising number of talented executives and was much diminished by his absence. (Submitted by a Publisher and an official Bosacks Cub Reporter)           

Re: Time Inc. Said to Be Interested in Joining Fray of Yahoo Suitors

The Times they are a changing...  Comparing this deal to AOL is way off base.  Back in the miserably failed merger of TimeWarner & AOL, there was no broadband, there were no online communities - there was email. I think it's a great move for Time Inc to gain another vehicle to transport their content to the masses, and if they can do it at a tax advantaged discount, all the better! (Submitted by a Former Time Inc Employee)  

Re: Time Inc. Said to Be Interested in Joining Fray of Yahoo Suitors

Oh, THAT'S a good idea.  I expect Mr. Ripp lost nowhere near as much money with the last merger with an internet giant as I did.  (One million dollars, $1,000,000, seriously.) (Submitted by a Former Time Inc Employee)

 RE: The One-Two-Three Sucker Punch That Is Killing Digital Media

That is a ridiculous amount of loss. How long before advertisers, at least at large companies, start to really turn the screws over getting so badly screwed over. (Submitted by a Writer)

By BoSacks Readers| April 15, 2016
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