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By BoSacks Readers on July 13, 2020
Re: BoSacks Speaks Out: It's 2020 What Does Your Business Look Like?
Nice piece - liked the way you wove in the Leonhardt article. I think many of the things described in that article are very applicable to the consumer mag biz. 
Things are not going to be the same in 2022 (or 2021 for that matter) in the mag biz. One aspect, which you touched on, retail visibility, is critical. However, single copy circ for audited pubs only represents 5% of total paid/verified circ. What's most critical for consumer mags is making the treacherous transition from display advertising dependence to some kind of blend of display and digital advertising, plus increased subscription revenue and augmented by auxiliary revenue streams ((ie. conference's, etc). 
The consumer mag biz is infinitely more complex than it was just 5 years. Technology has radically altered how people consume media. If these changes weren't enough the covid effect has accelerated their impact. This set of mammoth changes is endangering the consumer mag biz, not to the extent that they've effected the newspaper trade, but still very significantly. And there will be more mag causalities to come.
(Submitted by an Industry Analyst)
Re: BoSacks Speaks Out: It's 2020 What Does Your Business Look Like?
Good job on this piece. I hold little hope that anything will ever be done. I've never thought about the industry as fiefdoms before, as you point out. It so clearly demonstrates why we flounder as an industry—too many disinterested yet panicked dukedoms. Thanks keep up the good work
(Submitted by a Publisher)
Re: As print is being demonized, it's time to pull together
Believe print is dead or not there are significant numbers of good people in your community who support their families, buy products from the local stores and pay their taxes by being in the print industry. As a retired printer I have for years supported the industry by taking subscriptions on print products of interest and I almost never pass a kiosk at the grocery story without picking up a copy of a magazine that is being distributed there. I always take a careful look at the "free copy" even if it is to critique the piece on its print quality. I still often find an article that is interesting and informative, and support the publisher and printer in doing so. It's easy... just do it!!
(Submitted by a Retired magazine printer)
Re: Doctors Banish Magazines in Another Pandemic Blow to Print
True for hair salons as well
(Submitted by Medical Professional)
RE: Opinion: no more excuses—brands must take control on privacy now
Let's not forget the big tech brands. Does anyone thing that Google and Apple won't collect and use the data themselves while preventing others from having access? I'm not arguing for companies to have access to more and more information, an appalling trajectory. But don't forget who's really raking it in.
(Submitted by a Writer)
Bob Hoffman - Facebook Boycott: Principles or Politics?
The article makes some good points, but I'm afraid the resolution of privacy issues and the platform vs. publisher conflict goes beyond anything advertisers can do. That has to be resolved in Congress. The bigger issue is this: "Over 40% of people surveyed said that Facebook leaves them unhappy or upset." It's surprising that number isn't higher.
(Submitted by a Marketing Executive)
Re: BoSacks Speaks Out: Publishing's Road to Recovery
We have little control over some important variables right now. Important, i agree, to consider both the macro and micro issues before us. I always believe it is a mistake to consider one without the other
 (Submitted by a Medical Professional)
Why The New York Times cut Apple News out
I would pay for quality journalism. I just haven't seen it in a while. For the last 20 years, the media has failed to do its job. It's supposed to be a watchdog not a lapdog. So I'm not surprised newspapers are struggling. This whole creating a relationship on social media and digital just shows me publishers are clueless when it comes to digital.
(Submitter by a former Journalism Professor)
RE: Danish publisher Zetland is driving more new members since quitting Facebook
I dumped Facebook and messenger 5 weeks ago.
Honestly, I don't miss them at all.
And, I am less stressed.
Should have done it years ago.
(Submitted by a printer)
RE: Behind Questex's New 'Modern' Information Model: Combining Content, Data and Events to Go to Market Faster
The Questex story was interesting but it was missing a punch line: how much revenue did they generate vs conventional events and how do the margins compare
Look, the numbers could be great (and I hope they are), but when I don't see them I assume they're middling at best
Of course these virtual events do generate revenue to offset the cancellation of face to face events, and I applaud the effort and believe the events can be valuable to "attendees"—but the big unanswered question is can heretofore "conventional" media businesses ever recover revenue lost to in person events with virtual events or are they doomed to shrink
(Submitted by a Publisher)
RE: A note of thanks
Bo, A quick note of thanks for decades of fantastic reporting. I know you will recall that we met when you were at High Times and in all the years since it has been wonderful to watch our careers grow. I have told all my staff to sign up for your newsletter over the years because it helped me in publication print sales to understand my clients and the ongoing and rapid development of the industry. I am retiring at the end of the month but will still subscribe to your newsletter. It is the best resource our industry has.
(Submitted by a senior print sales professional) 

By BoSacks Readers| July 13, 2020
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