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By BoSacks Readers on June 28, 2020

RE: Readers Are More Willing To Pay For News, But For How Long?

It won't last. People are making money decisions for non-economic reasons right now, and media companies are fooling themselves if they think people are paying for news because of the great content or the genius paywall strategy they invented. It's a short-term wave, like the big tips waitresses are probably getting right now. People are paying for news out of charity -- to help a hard-hit industry during a difficult time. That's not all bad. As a friend of mine says, when you've got a wave, surf!  (Submitted by a Vice-President of Operations)

RE: Readers Are More Willing To Pay For News, But For How Long?

People pay for what they value, sad to say journalism is not something widely valued when news is free and you don't see a risk or a bother with quality...and many today do not want thoughts provoked they want like emotions stoked. (Submitted by a Business Therapist

 RE: Is the Facebook Ad Boycott an Opportunity for Publishers?

I can see the pitch right now: "Guaranteed: your ad will not appear anywhere close to Nazi propaganda." (Submitted by a Vice-President of Operations)

 Re: National Enquirer publisher AMI lands deal to stay afloat

AMI and Pecker have more lives than a hundred cats. (Submitted by a Publisher)

 Re: ‘The right question changes everything’: The New Yorker launches a new brand campaign

Hi Bo, Every now and then, you need to stop and say to yourself, “Thank you, New Yorker.”  If this challenged and troubled country recovers from its present malaise, which I believe it will, The New Yorker will have been a significant factor in its salvation.  (Submitted by a Publisher)

RE: Digital Ad Fraud Fulfills Everyone’s Key Needs

Publisher Macbeth: “Will my hands ne’re be clean?”

Any rational human: “Not if you keep going back for seconds. Or thirds. Or fourths…”  (Submitted by a Writer)

 RE: Graydon Carter Says, ‘There Is More Good Journalism Being Produced Now Than There Was 25 Years Ago’

Seeing a lot of great journalism being done offers little comfort if so many people who do it are wondering how they can afford to continue. (Submitted by a Writer)

Re: UK magazines in crisis

Superb piece - the best I’ve seen (anywhere) concerning magazine viability and the challenges of transforming the business.  Although the UK market is not fully analogous to the U.S. market much of the content was germane. (Submitted by an Industry analyst) 

RE: Quad/Graphics CEO: Industry Needs to Protect Its Supply Chain

Greg Dool and Folio: should be lauded for putting aside journalistic ego in this article: Not only does it quote from and link to Folio:’s rival, Publishing Executive, twice it cites a video interview conducted by Publishing Executive’s sister brand, Printing Impressions. The result is an article that nicely summarizes what’s happened to Quad/Graphics and LSC since their proposed merger fell apart. Greg’s readers don't give a shit that some of it was curated from other publications. Footnote: An LSC in Chapter 11 still provides some competition to Quad. The merger would have eliminated that entirely. (Submitted by a Publisher)

 Why literacy champions like you matter

I heard a story today that answered whether our literacy mission matters, from the director of a food pantry where we have set up a literacy newsstand that reaches 500 people a week. During COVID, many pantry operations were shut down and replaced with curbside food pick-up. The line of cars at this food pantry, like many, was near a mile long. One car pulled up and a mom told the director that she missed accessing the food pantry newsstand, because her disabled, homebound son was really loving the magazines she was bringing home. Of course he delivered magazines to her on the spot from our warehouse supply there. With your personal involvement, and with beautiful titles for every reading age, interest, professional aspiration, and language, we are unstoppable in our quest to share the enthusiastic magazine love of consumers, businesses, and publishers with kindred at-risk readers. With this most powerful literacy engine on the planet, we are changing lives for good. Thank you for all you do to iMAGine with us what’s possible, and make it so.

John Mennell - Founder

Literacy ends poverty - Reading is where it all begins
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By BoSacks Readers| June 28, 2020
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