BoSacks Readers Speak Out: On Journalism, Flipboard, and Media Moguls

By BoSacks Readers on February 06, 2014
Re: The Problem Isn't The Things We Don't Know, It's The Things We Know That Ain't So 

I enjoyed reading Jim Gilmartin's article, "The Problem Isn't the Things We Don't Know, It's the Things We Know That Ain't So."  His point was that marketers often base their decisions on assumptions that aren't supported by facts.  What's interesting is that the assertions he made in the article weren't supported by facts either.  Not one of his many statements and claims was sourced or documented.  Very entertaining stuff, but it's hard to tell which part of the story is complete fabrication: the illogical marketers or the "facts" that prove them wrong.  Maybe both!   (Submitted by a Publisher and an official BoSacks Cub Reporter)

RE: Putting journalism cart before advertising horse 

I would disagree with his basic premise that putting the journalism "cart" before the advertising "horse" is a mistake. What must come first is the interest of the customer, if a business is to survive. One of the problems of media is that, for too long, it treated audience as secondary rubes there to support the ad carnies. His barely-disguised contempt in mentioning the "minor revenues" of Ezra Klein tells just as much. If the business can be healthy with low revenue and even lower cost of production and distribution, what is the problem? Other than not offering the luxe professional lifestyle that media is "supposed" to confer? Maybe those who lived and worked sumptuously have much to answer for regarding the current state of the industry, wasting money and energy, expecting others to scrape by so that they could continue with an accustomed lifestyle?  (Submitted by a Writer)

RE: BoSacks Picture of the Day

Love the Picture of the Day you now run at the end of each newsletter.  Like your excellent quotes at the top of the newsletter, they often make very interesting "comments" on the article.  Thanks again for all your excellent work for our industry.  (Submitted by a Publishing CFO)


I have been captivated by Flipboard which I use on my Android phone.  I spend about 20 percent of my day reading articles on Flipboard.  We can read others lists of articles and group them into our own sub categories that work for us .  You can see that everyone including Facebook is trying to copy them. There is something about "flipping" from article to article/page to page, that gives me a feeling of control and absorbing information at my own pace, like I'm reading something in print. 

Digital magazines that are intricately designed and win awards are great, they certainly have their place, but most of the time I just want to be able to quickly read and organize the information in a way that works for me.  Flipboard gets it right.  (Submitted by an Unknown)

RE: A Retailer Asks Publishers What They Will do About Newsstand Challenges 

John asks: "Why does publisher support of Next Issue and so many other subscription-type promotions have to cast newsstand as a villain?" Because they are tired of dealing with the newsstand side of their business and have moved on. Why do you think?  (Submitted by a Newsstand Consultant)


Re: The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls' Great Expectations Parts 4 and 5 

Isn't it amazing..all men.  (Submitted by a Marketing, Media & Sales Rep)

Re: The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls' Great Expectations Parts 4 and 5

Samir: You couldn't find a single woman to add to the list... (Submitted by a Publisher)

Re: The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls' Great Expectations Parts 4 and 5 

Bo: So disappointing on so many levels, that Mr. Magazine couldn't find a woman to talk to. (Submitted by a Publisher)

Re: The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls' Great Expectations Parts 4 and 5

Bo, Did you notice anything missing from the list of great media moguls? (submitted by a Production Director)


RE: Writing + Money + Life Bo, What is most illuminating about your publication for me is consistent content that includes both insights and reality about writing/publishing/authorship.  While I personally have had many ideas about publishing, I have been mired down in the mass of noise of online assertions that others share as so-called wisdom springing from experience.  

Now I feel a rising desire to use writing for personal income, rather than what I have always used it for - pro bono service to others in public health research, psychotherapy, mental health assessments, family court evaluations, and educational courses for the continuing education required of health professionals. I have been inspired reading your e-newsletter, and I am grateful to you. I convey to you my 5 star compliments.  I also recommend you to all those who also desire value from their email reading time. Stay well and keep working at what you do best, as you have done so well for so long.  (Submitted by a public health researcher)

By BoSacks Readers| February 06, 2014
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